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Some people say really shitty things and hurt my fucking feelings and I don’t wanna start anything but damn, you can piss me off.

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I just want to talk about my dog, Trixie.

We rescued her when she was three when we moved to long island, she came with the house because her scummy old owner didn’t have room for her.

At first, she scared me to no end. But as I got to know trixie, she was the kindest, gentlest, BEST dog, creature, thing, person to ever be in my life.

She would always smile and was never taught how to kiss by her previous owner, but we tried and she was such an adorable baby girl.

She got older, as we all do. Unfortunately she had arthritis and sprained her legĀ  amongst other incidents, and had an operation a year ago that gave us all a whole extra year with her. Except, she fell ill again and they had to put her down to sleep.

Anybody who knows me know I love my dog so much, I would take millions of selfies with her and just would rave about my baby girl.

I love you trixie. You always smiled when I practiced at home and will always be my biggest fan and my #1 doggie. I feel blessed that you were my first pet. You are an angel and wow I miss you so much.

Everybody loved you. Loves you.

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"Make it happen. Shock everyone."

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